Cold heavy rain is showering onto a carpet of crushed plastic beer glasses.

Took a nap and now it’s pissing down. “Cheap Imitation”.

5am, someone is yelling in the flat next door. Heavy rain fall sounds gentle from where I am sitting now.

Yesterday’s rainfall was leisurely. Today it is more insisting. Grandmother, Hamburg, linocut - 35 years ago.

Strange rain, falling lightly, almost not there.

After yesterday’s slow rain, which emerged every time I was out for five minutes, today:
thinking that I never read Lautréamont’s Maldoror

I can see trees move against a rain-grey sky.

The alarm rang; the sound of cars of tarmac indicated: rain. It had stopped by the time I looked out of the window.

Hasn’t been raining. Hence nothing to observe in Kreuzberg.

Brighton rain fell when I was indoors.

Comparative Rain Studies. My new University course.

Torrential rain Bogotá is very much like torrential rain elsewhere. Thick and heavy, leaving massive pools of water.

It hasn’t been raining in Bogotá during the past few days.

Not rain. Snow

Infrequent drops of icy rain on my way to Bahrenfeld.